• Lockout Safety Padlock - Long Shackle. Used to prevent unauthorised access and accidental activation of high voltage systems on electric vehicles
    • Non-conductive nylon body.
    • 76mm shackle.
    • Use with lockout key tags.
  • Our Lockout Tags are designed to be used with Insulated Safety Lockout Padlocks (LOP4540) when securing the Isolation Port (MSD) Lockout Device (FLD4566) or Steering Wheel Warning Cover. Manufactured from gloss laminated polyester to ensure durability and moisture resistance. A 10mm brass eyelet ensures the Lockout Tags cannot be torn off. High visibility warning printed in vibrant colour on one side, with “Technician In Charge” name panel on the reverse. Supplied with a fine point, dry wipe, marker pen for the “Technician In Charge” to identify themselves.  When used with the dry wipe marker the Tags can be reused many times. Dimensions: 140 x 80mm Pack Size: 5 tags with 1 x fine point, dry wipe, marker pen.
  • The EHV Multimeter and Insulation Tester is a true RMS multi-meter designed for testing and checking components on electric and hybrid vehicles through the continuity test and diode test. The multimeter function is combined with an inbuilt Insulation Test facility making it ideal for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. The Insulation test function operates at the following test voltages: 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v and 1000v. The EHV Multimeter and Insulation Tester is supplied with all test leads and clips, temperature probe, manual and batteries. Complies with EN61010 CATEGORY III (1000v) and CATEGORY IV (600v)
  • Part no. ALBNVP4025

    Cat1V High Voltage Tester

    The No Voltage Present Detector is essential equipment for Hybrid and Electric vehicle technicians to prove that there is no voltage present prior to working. A simple LED scale indicates the voltage range present at the time of testing.  An independent ELV indicator shows if >50VAC / 120VDC is present even if there is no battery power to the unit or the main circuit has failed. The NVP4025 No Voltage Present Detector has a safe test range from 12V to 1,000V AC/DC.  Voltage measurement is in increments as follows: 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690 & 1,000 Volts. Conforms to the following safety standards:
    • BS EN61243-3
    • TUV-GS38
    • EN61010-1 CAT III – 1,000V
    • EN61010-1 CAT IV – 600V
  • Insulating Rubber Mat 1m Electrical Insulating Rubber Matting is essential for ensuring the safety of technicians whilst working on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Manufactured to the international standard IEC 61111 Class 0, offers protection up to 1,000 volts. produced with a ribbed profile giving it an increased surface area, which helps to disperse electrical discharge and offers anti-slip properties. Size: 1m x 1m
  • The Red & White barrier chain with rubber base and 6 post kit is supplied with:
    • 12.5 metres of plastic barrier chain.
    • 6 x  Posts with Rubber Bases
    • 10 x “S” hooks to attach the chain to the posts.
    A simple but effective way to warn of high voltage, electric and hybrid vehicles in your workshop and highlight prohibited access for non-authorised technicians.
  • The barrier chain and 6 post kit is supplied with:
    • 12.5 metres of plastic barrier chain.
    • 6 x Chain Support Posts with fillable bases.
    • 10 x “S” hooks to attach the chain to the posts.
    A simple but effective way to warn of electric and hybrid vehicles in your workshop and highlight prohibited access for non-authorised technicians.
  • The Electric Vehicle Roof Top Warning Sign.
    • High visibility warning to all employees of Electric or Hybrid vehicles being present in the workshop.
    • Constructed from durable rigid plastic.
    • Foam protected feet to prevent damage to the vehicle bodywork.
    • Size: 310mm x 235mm x 3 sides.
  • Part no. ALBSDT4672

    Disconnect Shut Down Timer

    Disconnect and shut down digital timer used to accurately measure the required shut down period between switching off the ignition and disconnecting or reconnecting the vehicle’s battery etc. Particularly important where airbag, BSI, hybrid and electric vehicle ECU’s need time to shut down before proceeding with further work. Suitable for technicians working on hybrid and battery electric vehicles on a regular basis.
    • Dimensions: 70(H) x 70(W) x 25(D)mm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 46g
    • Colour: White
    • Rear magnet and fold out stand
    • Large digital display is easy to read at a glance
    • Requires 1x AAA battery (supplied)
  • Part no. ALBSGK6955

    Insulated Gloves Set

    The Electrical Safety Glove Kit with Storage Case contains:
    • Cotton Under Gloves (12 pairs)
    • Electrical Gloves –  Insulate to 1,000V Class 0 (1 Pair)
    • Leather Over-Gloves (1 Pair)
    • 1 x Safety Glove Storage Box
    Available in Medium, Large or Extra Large sizes
    • Essential PPE when working on high voltage systems
    • Electrical Gloves – Insulate to 1,000V (Class 0)
    • Cotton under-gloves improve dexterity and user comfort
    • Leather over-gloves protect the rubber insulating gloves from mechanical damage
    • Robust polypropylene storage case to protect gloves
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle combined Danger High Voltage / No Access sign.
    • Inform customers of the dangers, and that access is for authorised personnel only.
    • Printed on a 3mm polymer panel.
    • Size: 300 x 400mm
  • Steering Wheel Lockout with integral Warning Sign. A high visibility warning to alert unauthorised personnel that the vehicle is being serviced or repaired, therefore should not be moved or started. The sign is an integral component of the key locked steering wheel immobiliser to prevent unauthorised removal.
    • “Technician in charge” can be inserted on the sign
    • Dry-wipe Marker Pen included
    • Supplied with 2 keys

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