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Universal Diesel Injector Puller

This extractor allows to dismantle Common rail or Piezo injector types for Denso, Siemens, Bosch & Delphi brands from 1999 to 2017.

The main idea is to fix the extractor instead of the Diesel inlet connection fitting thanks to an extra-strong threaded coupler which is exactly the same size as the original fitting. This avoids the dismantling of the electrical part of the injector and the significant extra costs this involves and the trouble that goes with it (return to aftersales, 150€ per injector…).

If the fitting is undismantable you can use the two couplers included in the kit. They will wrap the fitting and come against the injector to form a consolidated and very strong whole. The dismantling can be done in rotation fixing only the handle. It can also be done, for the most difficult cases, in rotation and axial extraction thanks to the sliding hammer. The kit also includes two spacers to adjust distance between the injector axis and the sliding hammer.

This kit is totally universal and unique. It enables all types of moderately frozen or caked injectors to be removed without dismantling the electrical part, even on the latest vehicles.