Relay Tester for 4/5 pin relays (ALB30933)

  • Supplied with 2PCS adaptor set (ALB40212) to increase the range coverage of your existing relay tester
  • Supplied with 3PCS set of adaptors for shielded relays (ALB40213)

ALB30933 Automotive Relay Tester

  • Quickly tests 4 & 5 pin electro-mechanical relays used on most cars
  • Checks for consistent functioning of relay contacts
  • Automatically indicates test results with a series of red & green performance lights
  • 12V power supply required

ALB40212 Relay Adaptor Set 2PCS

  • Set of two adaptors to increase the range coverage of an existing relay tester
  • The adaptor plugs into the relay tester & the relay to be tested then plugs into the appropriate adaptor
  • For 4 & 5 pin relays as commonly used for fuel pumps & other powered components

ALB40213 Relay Adaptor Set 2PCS

  • Set of three adaptors which allow an existing relay tester to test shielded relays
  • The shielded relay adaptor plugs into the same pin sockets as the normal relay & the shielded relay then plugs into the adaptor
  • Fits in any of the three 4 & 5 pin sockets on your relay tester