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Internet updateable multi-vehicle and multi-application diagnostics tool
Now with ALL 4 software packages included;
- Battery Validation,  essential for ALL Start/Stop battery management (BAT)
- Service Light Reset (SLR)
- Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
- DPF Regeneration & Reset (DPF)
J1962 compliant
Access to both standard and discretionary diagnostic pins and protocols
Compact design with high visibility display
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Battery Validation (BAT)

Access to the battery control module
Battery management fault codes
Validate replacement batteries
Change battery type (e.g. AGM to ECM)
Standard technology on Stop/Start systems

Diesel Particulate Filtre (DPF)

Read & clear DPF related fault codes
Perform dynamic or static forced regeneration of the DPF
Replacement filter adaption & additive reset

Electronic Park Brake (EPB)

Opens rear hand brake mechanisms electronically, for replacement of brake pads
Read & clear fault codes
View live data and service modes
Calibrate systems

Service Reset (SLR)

Reset dashboard service parameters & lights
Service light reset
Oil degradation
Condition based servicing
Long life service intervals
Time & distance settings

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Part Number: ALB40200

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