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Once you have connected the NEW Powerprobe 4 device to your vehicle battery you will have an amazing variety of testers at your fingertips...
Supplies power and ground for functional component testing
Digital volt and ohmmeter for circuit testing .001 OHMS - 100K OHMS accuracy
Large colour LCD screen with easy to navigate user menu, see all the readings you need at once
AC-RMS, AC peak to peak, frequency & pulse width for signal testing
Fuel injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis
PCM/ECM driver supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits
Sensor testing & glitch capturing
50ΜS testing AC & DC, Min/Max voltage reading/capture, Field replacable switch & Circuit breaker,  Circuit breaker auto reset,  Resistance testing live & unloaded,  Load testing (power feed test)
Features; 23ft Power lead, 4mm banana jack for optional accessories, control over the features you need

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Part Number: PP401AS

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