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Helps the technician test the integrity of EGR valves & other 12V solenoids & helps in the cleaning process for carbonised EGR valves
Variable frequency allows EGR valves to be cycled in low-frequency mode, to ensure correct operation or to clean during the cyclic mode
In high frequency mode, the valve can be opened progressively, allowing more efficient manual cleaning
Because of the variable frequency feature, the tool can also be used to test a variety of other 12V solenoid type valves (vacuum solenoids, boost pressure control valves & actuators, petrol injectors, carbon canister filters, etc)
12V operated
Rotary frequency control
Kit Contents:
EGR & Solenoid Valve Tester, Universal terminals for 1.5mm valve connection pins Universal terminals for 2.8mm valve connection pins, Dedicated 6-pin connector for Pierburg/Renault/GM/Nissan & Volvo Dedicated 5-pin connector for GM/Opel applications & Dedicated 6-pin connector for Ford/Landrover & Jaguar applications

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Part Number: ALB40165

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