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Fast removal of seized & rusted components, windscreens, bonded body panels, badges, trim & much more
Flameless heat reduces the need for torches, solvents & abrasives
100% Safe: No mains voltage at the handset
Thermal control re-set & safety trip-out
Quick release coil connections will not come loose and short out
2500 watts induction power (3 times the power of most Induction Heaters)
Compact hand control - for ease of access
Foot pedal operating switch
Kit Contents: 2500W induction unit with LED light controls Hand control with 2.5m cable; Foot operated pedal switch; 1.5m extension cable; 22mm vertical coil, 22mm & 32mm horizontal coils, 1m flexible rope coil; made in the UK - CE approved; instruction manual

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Part Number: ALB40190

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