Fuel Retreiver 90L

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Stainless steel construction with venturi type suction system (requires workshop air supply) - 90L tank capacity
Suitable for petrol or diesel fuel extraction
Unique fume extraction system for added safety - draws out residual fuel vapour & recycles it through the fuel extraction system
Also suitable for fuel extraction via fuel inlet pipes, on both injection & carburettor engines
CE certified for fuel handling
Supplied with: suction hose with valve for extraction via fuel filler neck; 5x flexible suction probes; 2x earthing connections with croc clips; set of 8x fittings & hose for extraction via fuel supply pipes & connections

The ALB30634 is in compliance with ATEX which covers both DSEAR & HSE's regulation

Click image above to download "How To Guide" & article, as published in
Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine, Jul/Aug2014

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Part Number: ALB30634A

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