ABS/EBS Sensor Tester for HGV/Buses/Trailers

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An easy to use device which will confirm each EBS/ABS sensor is operational & effective
By connecting to the sensor socket on each wheel, individual sensor faults can easily be identified
Tests for the six main causes of EBS/ABS faults
Quick, accurate & simple to use
Performs a complete test cycle in just 15 seconds
Reduces down time for sensor related problems by up to 80%
The unit also tests the exciter ring & the distance between the ring & sensor
Product kit contents:
Control unit; 1.6m high spec sensor connector cable; Adaptor cable with crocodile clips for non-standard EBS plugs; 9V battery (included); Supplied in watertight carry case, for use in outdoor environments; Designed and manufactured in the U.K.

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Part Number: ALB30908

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