Pneumatic Suspension Workstation (1186Kg)

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Simple to operate; allows operator to work with both hands free
Unique safety protection system; prevents any operation if safety guard is not correctly positioned
Robust construction; quality materials used to ensure stability & reliability
Compression force: 1186kg @ 10 bar
Suitable for cars, LCV, and 4WDs that use McPherson strut-type suspension systems
PLASTIC TRAY - To keep tools handy; ADJUSTABLE EXTRA STRONG CLAMPS - Single and double clamps are interchangeable (left to right, right to left) to meet any positions of the coils. Ensures perfect grip on the coil spring;  SAFETY GUARD - For operator safety and protection;  SECURITY MICROSWITCH - Prevents operating if SAFETY GUARD is not correctly positioned; BOTTOM SUPPORT TRAY -  Supports the strut when the upper cap is unscrewed, and allowing the operator to work hands-free; TWIN FOOT PEDALS  - To Raise/Lower the Coils Spring Clamps - For easy operation

Part Number: ALB30898A

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