Gas Tracer - Kit Leak Detection With Nitrogen Gas, N₂H₂

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It is against the law for air-conditioning service providers to refill systems with fluorinates greenhouse gases if an abnormal amount of the refrigerant has leaked from the system, until the necessary repair has been completed
This tracer uses a non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally-friendly (non-polluting) mixture of 5% hydrogen & 95% nitrogen. As a result, the mixture can be released into the environment after the leak detection procedure is  completed. The mixture complies with Article 6, Paragraph 3 of EU directive 2006/40/EC
The leak detector reacts to the hydrogen component of the tracer - because hydrogen molecules are so small, it is an ideal gas for leak detection. The gas is charged into an empty system at a pressure of approximately 75 psi (5 bar). As hydrogen is lighter than air, always probe slightly above the suspected leak area
Once the source of the leak is located and repaired, the gas can be released and the system can be recharged again with refrigerant

Part Number: SLG800

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