• Part no. ALB30847

    Test Leads

    • 10amp test lead with 4mm banana clip connectors
    • Can be used with multimeters & other diagnostic equipment
  • Part no. ALB30856

    Terminal Tool Kit 12pcs

    • Suitable for the removal of vehicle computer connectors and terminals.
    • This 12 piece kit has a general application for safe and fast removal of terminals on a wide range of vehicles.
    • Colour coded aluminium handles make for easy identification.
    • Set of 2 probes for insulation piercing connection to cables
    • Robust plastic moulding suitable for high temperatures.
    • Protected tip to avoid shorting on earth Supplied with 4mm shrouded female connector for connection to standard multimeter cables.
    • Also available individually as ALB30784R Heavy Duty Wire Piercing clip (red) ALB30784B Heavy Duty Wire Piercing clip (black)

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