• Part no. ALB1000, ALB1100, ALB1150, ALB1200, ALB1250, ALB1200BT

    Brake Fluid Tester

    The World's Number 1 Brake Fluid Tester THE SILENT KILLER Brake fluid is designed with a high boiling point to withstand the extreme temperatures generated during braking. It has one major drawback - it absorbs moisture (it's Hygroscopic). The more moisture in the brake fluid, the lower the boiling point. This increases the risk of "brake fade": under heavy driving conditions the brake fluid boils, turns to vapour, and the brake pedal goes right to the floor with no braking action. This is known as "vapour lock". That's why brake fluid is known as the "silent killer". It's a safety critical item, but how many drivers ever ask to get their brake fluid checked? A brake fluid test could potentially save them from accidents, and for the garage, it's a largely ignored service opportunity. The Alba patented brake fluid tester is approved, recommended and sold by the world's leading Brake System & Brake Fluid manufacturers, as well as leading global aftermarket brands. The Alba Brake Fluid Tester works on the boiling point method; the only industry approved method that guarantees reliable, repeatable and accurate test results.
    Model Part No.MAx TempPrinter Enabled
    ALB1000200°C / 392°FNo
    ALB1100320°C / 608°FNo
    ALB1150320°C / 608°FStandard
    ALB1200320°C / 608°FStandard Included
    ALB1250320°C / 608°FBluetooth
    ALB1200BT320°C / 608°FBluetooth Included
  • Part no. ALB1200PTR, ALB1200PTRBT


    For use with: ALB1150 & ALB1250 Part No. ALB1200PTR, ALB1200PTRBT

    • Printer unit for use with ALB1150 & ALB1250 and supplied as standard with the ALB1200 & ALB1200BT
    • Printed report shows: brake fluid tester serial number, battery voltage & test results in °C/°F


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