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All garages should be aware that boiling point is the ONLY approved way to test brake fluid. The current written standards for brake fluid are as follows:

SAE J1703 (SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers)

ISO 4295

FMVSS no 116 (FMVSS = Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

The above are the standards shown on the back of brake fluid bottles & to which all brake fluids are tested. They all state brake fluid must be tested by the boiling point method. No other method is used or approved. It follows therefore that conductivity meters are not considered appropriate or approved for brake fluid testing - or checking. Even if itís supplied to you by a reputable dealer with a reputable brand on it, conductivity meters are not approved by the brake or vehicle manufacturers.

See the link below for further independent advice from a UK brake fluid manufacturer

Orthene Chemicals


Alba Diagnostics believe they have a quick and simple solution for garages throughout the UK to generate extra income through the testing of brake fluid; think of it as a portable cash generator. With the ALB1100 Brake Fluid Tester you can test your customerís brake fluid in only 30 seconds.

Experts at Alba recommend that when the brake fluid boiling point drops below 200 degrees the fluid should be changed. Itís accepted by the brake fluid manufacturers that results at the wheel can be 10% worse than at the master cylinder, where brake fluid is routinely tested. In studies undertaken by Comma Oil, a staggering 29% of vehicles tested had a boiling point below 180 degrees. Understanding the true danger of this problem & being able to explain it to your customer hands you a profit opportunity on a plate.

Each customer who visits represents potential for a sale of a braking system service; this is why the importance of brake fluid must be explained to the customer.  So what are the true dangers? Brake fluid is unpredictable. The age and mileage of your car doesnít count; an unused car can be as susceptible as one doing tens of thousands of miles a year. Moisture absorption can occur at any stage. Alba Diagnostics are eager to increase the awareness around the risks associated with unchecked brake fluid.

So how can this make money? As an example: if on average you tested eight vehicles per day free of charge, taking only 4 minutes to conduct all the tests, four of these vehicles may require a brake fluid change. Not all will choose this, so letís assume half of them buy the fluid changing service, thatís two customers a day choosing an extra service, equating to the following revenue:


£50                              £500                                               £24,000

£70                              £700                                               £33,600

£100                            £1000                                            £48,000

(Figures based on 5 day week, 48 week year)

Changing the brake fluid is just the start; the opportunity is there to then sell a complete brake service, this could generate a further £70 per service. Beyond that there could be a number of defects that require attention further increasing profits. It is worth noting itís becoming more and more common to replace brake discs at the same time as brake pads due to drivers braking later and at increasingly higher speeds, getting to the point of checking the discs and pads is now far easier using the free brake fluid test as a Ďway iní.

Alba has the following marketing materials freely available for you to download here:


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